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9 pin Teflon Noval tube socket
9 pin Teflon Noval tube socket
You save $10.01!

Sockets are standardized and if the pins on a tube are positioned incorrectly, wide or narrow circumference of the circle they make, there may be some "play" in the fit.

You may want to first check the pin distance with a pin-straightener, to align them back to factory standardization.  

The Solution:

A more likely culprit would be that your sockets are worn and stretched open.

If this is the case, you could insert a 9 pin Teflon Noval tube socket into the existing socket(s) to correct them and now have a pin-saver with the correct standardized diameters/ fit.

The other recourse would be to have your sockets replaced, a costly procedure, this is why the Teflon socket saver is more appealing and cost effective.

PRICE IS EACH. ( picture shows a pair)
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