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The following ubiquitous quote from the Famous Review of the Best Top 6922 Audio tubes ever.
1) E88CC or CCa Siemens & Halske 1950's to 1960’s D getter or 1960's O getter halo "Rarest and most sought after CCa, has "Gray NOT silver shield" between plates and "Frame-Grid" construction. Most realistic sounding holographic soundstage, pure seductive sonic joy, Complex symphonic images emerge effortlessly"
E88CC or CCa VALVO Heerlen Holland 1960's "Real sonic holography, best-musicallity sounding, compellingly realistic, extremely incredible detail, warmth, and clarity - all at the same time, rated up there with the Siemens CCa, classified audiophile-extreme rarity, almost never seen or available in real NOS, especially in the most desirable mini watt print
E88CC or CCa Telefunken West Germany 1960's "Excellent neutral holographic soundstage, vast vocabulary of tone Establishes remarkable layers of harmonics, very rare"
E88CC or CCa Siemens & Halske A-FRAME construction late 1960's to early 1970's "Beautiful open air holographic images, low microphonic tube construction, rare. Sonically Brilliant, Pristine, Musical & Therapeutic"
E88CC or CCa LORENZ West Germany early 1960's "Beautiful open air holographic images, very rare"
E88CC or CCa Siemens single stem halo early 1970’s “When you find a good pair they can be Fast & Accurate reproduction of tonal tapestries. Excellent performance, smooth highs, outstanding 3-D holographic soundstage, lots of open-air, inner detail, and overall perfect resolution and balanced sound. Improved dynamics, frequency extension across the spectrum are immediately obvious, making the music sound much more accurate and real. A major improvement over other E88CC / 6922…Unfortunately, most of these 1970's tubes often loose vacuum prematurely"
“Audio tubes in general need to settle-in to the new environment, and get better with 'burn-in'. With the Siemens Halske E88CC you are going to hear ALL the frequencies passing through your system, the more sensitive the tube the more you will hear. You are using AUDIO GRADE tubes with the Siemens E88CC, which have a sonic-signature that reproduces not only the 'odd’ harmonics (1-3-5 etc.) but also the 'even' harmonics (2-4-6 etc.) The new tubes made today in China and Russia only reproduce 'odd' harmonics - that’s why everyone upgrades to a vintage made tube made decades ago when these rare 'earth-metals' were available in the inner construction of the vintage tube - now these metals are too expensive to use and today’s tube-makers have found cheaper substitutes which seem to work but do not reproduce all the nuances and textures in music. ..."
The Tube Museum New York