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1958 CBS Hytron 6V6 for MESA BOOGIE Mark 1 4 Lone Star
1958 CBS Hytron 6V6 for MESA BOOGIE Mark 1 4 Lone Star
1958 CBS Hytron 6V6 for MESA BOOGIE Mark 1 4 Lone Star

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Product Code: STANDARD 6V6GTY

1958 CBS Hytron 6V6 for MESA BOOGIE Mark 1 4 Lone Star
Dual "DD" Getters in Marbleized Phenolic Resin Base WOW

..."These are Awesome! Rare Plate-Matched Pairs of 1958 Black-Plate brown-base, light smoked-glass mil-spec Hytron 6V6GTY U.S.A., You CAN NOT FIND THESE ANYWHERE ELSE BUT AT THE TUBE MUSEUM IN NEW YORK! THE CONDITION IS LIKE AS IF YOU WENT BACK IN TIME OR OPENED A VACUUM TUBE "TIME-CAPSULE" FROM 1958, THAT'S  OVER 50 YEARS AGO! GRAB THEM QUICK BEFORE THEY ARE ALL GONE FOREVER, they only come around once, and that's it!"...

RECOMMENDED FOR AUDIO including fine audiophile amp Zen Mini Torii SE Amplifier Decware
Bogner Duende and the Blue Angel uses a pair of 6V6s
Substitute in:

MESA BOOGIE Mark I Reissue, Mark IV, The Mesa Blue Angel & Lone Star

"... So anyways, has anybody tried 6V6 in a Lonestar? or LSS...?"

"...My LSC has done a lot of time with both 4x6V6 and 2x6V6 + 2xEL84 (using Yellow Jackets). The amp sounds absolutely great with both setups. Chimey, sweet and clear; lotsa fun.

The manual says to run the amp on the Tweed power setting while using 6V6s, but most modern 6V6s can handle the voltage decently; so running on full AC, if you need the extra oomph, is usually okay.  Recommended...."

"... These 6V6GTY have a nice tone, good headroom, can take a ton of plate voltage, and last..."

These NOS 1958 6V6GTY are the little brother to the 6L6 and is all about classic American tube tone from yesteryear - Extremely sweet and bubbly with a beautifully deep bass and spacious shimmering highs, this tube defines vintage "Deluxe" styled tone and is a great substitute in the Mark I, Mark IV & Lone Star when used with their "Tweed" Switch feature - Please see the amplifier owner's manual for correct use of this tube

Substitute in: Mark I Reissue, Mark IV & Lone Star

"... These 6V6GTY have a nice tone, good headroom, can take a ton of plate voltage, and last..."

"... The Standard 6V6GTY did everything that the Mazda but with more control. The harder you pushed
the valve it would simply shout back give me more. Huge bottom end response was clear as a bell.
These are 1958 production and are identical to the R.C.A that we used as a reference. Under heavy
distortion the valve just seemed to get bigger. Sustain was simply remarkable. Bass at this level was
bigger and more defined than the Mazda...."

NOS Museum Quality

RARE 1958 CBS-Hytron USA

(Think about it!  That's 51 year old NOS testing at better-than NOS reference specifications!)


Perfect Matched & Balanced Pair

The older 1950's CBS-Hytron 6V6 tubes were some of the finest Professional quality tubes designed primarily for use in audio stages and musical instrument amplifiers!  These tubes are designed to exhibit good headroom, can take a ton of plate voltage, and last. You won't find other CBS-Hytron 6V6 tubes tested to these precise Amplitrex Test Results around - that's because they are kept and treasured by those who know which the best 6V6 USA tubes are!


Dual Square-Getters!
Marbleized wood-loaded Phenolic Resin Base = improved AC performance and values with this base
PLATE-MATCHED TUBES PUT LESS STRESS ON YOUR OTHER 6X4, 0A3, 0C2, and 12AU7 TUBES - as mis-matched power tubes shorten the life of your other tubes!
VINTAGE PAIR manufactured in the USA in MAY of 1958

Picture of Matched Pair with MATCHING CBS/Hytron 210 CODES -All tubes from same batch production above!

The brown base was used to indicate a tube manufactured FOR the military. These were heavy-duty mil-spec tubes  The plates and filaments on a brown-base tube will normally be larger and heavier than on comparable tubes made for the consumer market. It's a difference you can usually see if you look closely. Since they were all built to the same specs there shouldn't be much difference between brown-base tubes made by one source or another. The higher quality of the brown-base tubes is unlikely to make a difference you can hear, but it should make a big difference in how long it lasts as the larger plates dissipate more heat.

Whatever tone your gear produces, the mil-spec 6V6s give you more of it because they are better-built tubes; presence, sound-stage, depth. The strongest contrast is between modern 6V6s and mil-spec or '50s commerical 6V6s. To my ear, current make 6V6s including the very popular JJs are designed and built to sound more like 6L6s; a brighter, cleaner, less distorted / more articulate sound than the vintage versions. By contrast, mil-spec 6V6s are darker, more compressed, woodier, but I think this is also true of most NOS/vintage commerical 6V6s. The difference is that the mil-specs, because they are better-built, do the vintage thing better than commerical-grade 6V6s.

RARELY DO YOU FIND A PERFECTLY BALANCED & PLATE-MATCHED PAIRS TESTING AVG. 4,400 uMhos & 4,400 uMhos and 45 & 45 Matching Plate Current

All Plate Matched Pairs test above 100% and identicle to pictures

Factory Specs are: 4,100 uMhos ( transconductance)= 100%    &   Factory Specs are: 45 mA = 100%



TubeMuseum tested tubes takes the guesswork out of the process of selection delivering you the best Audio tubes that there possibly can be.

Many people ask: What is the difference between a 6V6GT and a 6V6GTY?

They are the same exact tube but the GTY has the superior phenolic resin base!

With the 6V6GT the overall size was reduced and a smaller bottle construction was employed. The plastic base itself was made of Bakelite in the same way as the full size glass envelope versions.

For better AC loss performance than Bakelite, but at a lower cost than ceramic bases the wood-loaded phenolic resin base was developed. This had an improved AC performance and values with this base had the suffix letter Y added. An example is the 6V6GTY

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